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erds are slowly taking over the world. As a person who pursues the obscure stimulation derived from developing websites rather than engaging in social activities, I'm doing my best to make sure I'm part of the takeover.

Yes, that means I'm a nerd. Some nerds develop websites in PHP, while others prefer Ruby on Rails. I prefer ColdFusion.

Adobe's ColdFusion is the Internet's oldest web programming language, and it enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain awesome websites and applications.

This continually evolving website provides a few examples of the awesome I have unleashed with ColdFusion, as well as highlights some of my other technical skills and experience.

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One of the best things about ColdFusion is Mango Blog, an extensible blog engine that is easily customized with plugins and themes. In my spare time, I have experimented with a few entensions of my own. More coming soon...

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Functions and Other Nerdery

Over the years, I have constructed a plethora of websites using ColdFusion. Some sites I am very proud of, some I would rather toss into a tree shredder (a few of my older CF sites make me cringe), but my coding skills have improved exponentially during my 8 years of web development. Below are a few examples of my more recent ColdFusion websites.

Is ColdFusion Dying?
Phoenix Iowa Club


To obtain a position at an established company that will utilize my web development skills and search engine optimization expertise.


Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems
University of Northern Iowa | Cedar Falls, Iowa
Graduation Date: May 2004
* Writer at The Northern Iowan

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies
University of Northern Iowa | Cedar Falls, Iowa
Graduation Date: May 1999
* Minors in Criminology, Ethics & Marketing
* Two internships for U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R, IA)


Applications Developer
University of Iowa  |  April 2012 - Present
* Develop and maintain applications using CF, Bootstrap and Oracle.
* Convert FuseBox applications to FW/1 applications.

Senior Contract Developer
Drawbackwards  |  April 2009 - August 2012
* Design and develop websites using ColdFusion, PHP & SQL.
* Optimize websites using organic SEO techniques.
* Plan and implement social media strategies.

Systems Analyst
Fennemore Craig, PC  |  April 2006 - April 2009
* Maintained firm website using ColdFusion, SQL, XHTML & CSS.
* Maintained over 60 application databases.
* Implemented various legal web applications.
* Supported firm HR system and CRM system.

Web Developer
Arizona State University  |  April 2005 - August 2006
* Maintained COB website using ColdFusion, SQL, XHTML & CSS.
* Developed various web applications for faculty & staff.
* Implemented a site-wide redesign for online MBA program.

Jr. Web Developer
Earth 911  |  April 2004 - April 2005
* Maintained various websites using ASP, CSS, HTML & SQL
* Developed mobile application for beach monitoring.
* Created websites for environmental organizations.


Google Maps, Google Contacts, Google Search, Google Analytics, Google Weather, Yahoo Contacts, Yahoo Search), MSN Contacts, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter,, MailChimp,


ColdFusion, PHP, SQL (MS, MySQL, Oracle), TSQL, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP. Past Experience with VB, COBOL and C.


Dreamweaver, Photoshop, NotePad++, ColdFusion Builder, Eclipse, MS SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008), MS Office (2003, 2007, 2010), iVantange, Intellipad, Integration Appliance and a ton of other applications.


Mango Blog, WordPress, Drupal, CommonSpot, FuseBox, Mura.

Below is a self-assessment of my skills with programming languages, website frameworks and content management systems.

Languages and Such

















Frameworks, Platforms and Such

Mango Blog








Fusebox   (Still learning...)


Drupal   (Still learning...)


Mura   (Still learning...)


I also gave a speech on ColdFusion once at Intel's Developer Ignite (Part One | Part Two). Note: nerds are not great at public speaking.

More coming soon.

Mango Lipsum Plugin

This plugin for Mango Blog converts a specific tag found in a post and/or page into a string of Lorem Ipsum. The plug communicates with a feed from and outputs up to 500 words of Lorem Ipsum filler text. The idea for usage of this plugin is to make it easier to fill pages and posts during the construction phase of a blog.

Often times, it helps clients to see the actual design of a page in action if there is actual text in place. Filler text helps to communicate the design without any actual content.

Download Mango Lipsum Plugin Version 0.9

Download UDF

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Twtpoll Plugin for Mango Blog

Twtpoll is a very simple, yet powerful tool to engage and gain feedback. Twtpoll is a feedback tool that helps conduct polls/surveys on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites. It allows users to create unlimited polls for free and choose from 17 different types of questions when creating a poll.

Twtpoll offers a handy feature they offer is the ability to embed the polls and graphs into a blog, allowing users to engage an audience across multiple platforms.

Download Twtpoll Plugin Version 0.9

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Google Translate Plugin for Mango Blog

Google Translate is a free translation service made available by the world's leading search engine that provides instant translations between 57 different languages. Giving websites the ability to translate the content into another language on the fly is a huge advantage, especially if the site has a global audience.

The Google Translate plugin provides a convenient little sidebar widget for sites using mango blog's framework. Once activated, the plugin acts as a pod and is controlled through a small admin screen that supplies options for display and tracking.

Download Google Translate Plugin Version 1.0

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Google Weather Plugin for Mango Blog

The Google Weather plugin provides a convenient little sidebar widget for websites using Mango Blog's framework. Once activated, the plugin acts as a pod and is controlled through a small admin screen that supplies options for display and lookup. the current weather conditions will be displayed in the site's sidebar.

The plugin uses the visitor's ip address to check the weather for the current conditions. The functionality uses a few different api's to make this happen.

Download Google Weather Plugin Version 1.0

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